10th Anniversary Exhibition Program

Photography, contemporary ceramic, and painting commence our 10th-anniversary exhibition program, featuring among the finest Thai artists — photographer Nine Naphat, contemporary ceramicist Aor Sutthiprapha, and painter Rachata Siriyakul.

From 8 August, Nine Naphat นาย ณภัทร เสียงสมบุญ presented his works FRIEND ZONE, which make up of fun, behind-the-scene photographs that he took for his leading-man character Nai Palm from this hit global movie (opening in regionally, as well as China and North America) along with his artistic photographs SYMMETRY, which we invited Takumi Hasegawa, architect and receipient of Steidl Book Award Japan to curate and present Nine Naphat’s artistic works. For his fans, a great chance to see Nine Naphat, a young photographer on his journey of his genuine interest in film photography!

From 12 September, contemporary ceramicist Aor Sutthiprapha embraces us around her new ceramic works REVEALED — finding one’s true self in the art of ceramics through practice, technique and concentration. Through consistency and determination, these latest works reveal one’s new ways of expressions in ceramic traditions.

Our final show starting from 14 November, THE IMAGE OF THE BUDDHA, we present a young Thai painter Rachata Siriyakul, who will surprise us with amazing portraits of the Buddha and his life stories. The title of the exhibition, The Image of the Buddha, is a tribute to the first book published by Serindia Publications with Kodansha and Unesco in 1978, edited by the late Prof. Dr. David Snellgrove (1920-2016). The book remains an unmatched, groundbreaking work on the study of the evolution Buddha image. Rachata Siriyakul studied in Singapore, Italy, and recently in the artist residency of Europe’s eminent painter Odd Nerdrum.