Skyler CHEN 陳柏豪

Skyler Chen (陳柏豪; b. 1982) grew up in the southern city of Kaohsiung,Taiwan, where he graduated from its art school and was winner of several prestigious art contests. He moved to the United States after graduation, culminating talents in New York City and had a studio in Long Island City. His Republic of Norman work caught attention and was exhibited in New York, Taiwan, Singapore, Shanghai, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam. Republic of Norman looks into human experience through imaginary world “Norman” — every set of works explores a theme of human reactions to social rules, prohibitions and its deeper meaning. As different themes are uncovered, his body of works grow organically and unpredictably. Inspired by old European photographs, Chen’s brush lends charisma to his quirky figures, producing tensions in the gestures of the characters. Other featured works, Invisible Crowns, explores inner artistic ability in each person and how inspiration brings out these human qualities.